We're taking on Toronto on May 1-3, 2020 and we want you to join us!



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Explore the City

Toronto is a huge metropolis! This event helps the youth explore the city of Toronto in a safe, encouraging, meaningful atmosphere. 

NYP: Homelessness

2019: Our outreach activity this year involves learning about youth homelessness, in connection with the current National Youth Project!




The TTC is the centrepiece to our exploration of Toronto.


Using the subway's Line 1 and Line 2, groups of no more than 5 youth and 1 adult will be presented with a list of riddles they need to solve. Solving the riddle, and taking the appropriate picture, gets you points. Points gets you prizes!

Some potential spots include Scotiabank Arena, Ripley's Aquarium, the Rogers Centre, the CN Tower, the ROM, Queen's Park and more!


National Youth Project: Youth Homelessness

The National Youth Project was introduced by the ELCIC to focus and direct outreach efforts of youth groups and churches. The NYP generally lasts two years, in line with the CLAY Gatherings. They are introduced and tied up at these gatherings. 

The 2018-2020 project is homelessness in Canada. For the purposes of this event, we are focusing on youth homelessness in Toronto, what that looks like, and the struggles they face, even in a giant city like Toronto. 

What does it look like? Do we really see it? Is it more than just those we see on the streets? Does it look like our friends, our relatives, those in our congregations? 

These are the questions we'll be exploring at Pics in the 6ix!

ON Safety

We have taken every possible precaution to ensure the safety of all involved in Pics in the 6ix, especially the TTC trip itself. It's extremely important that youth feel this is a way they can explore what is a massive city, without the risk of getting lost. 

a) Team Assignments

Each team is no more than 5 (five) youth with 1 (one) adult volunteer. This is actually dictated by the day passes we purchase from the TTC to allow us to get on and off the subway, streetcars and buses all day. Additionally, it is in the rules of the hunt that no team is allowed to separate. Photos must include your entire team, minus one person who is the photographer. Photos that do not adhere to this are not counted for points. 

b) Travel

Participants will take 1 (one) bus to the subway. The rest of the clues are within walking distance of various subway stations along the way. We have also limited the number of subway stations youth and their teams will be using to solve riddles. This sets a boundary. 

c) Geography

We will be providing maps. Additionally, youth and volunteers are encouraged to download map software and use local businesses if they do not feel comfortable using their data. Toronto is full of Starbucks, and other establishments with internet access. 

d) Designated Waiting Areas

These are signs in every subway station along Lines 1 and 2 (green and yellow in this photo). As per hunt rules, this is the spot used in the very rare event someone gets separated from their group. NOTE: in our 5 years of running this hunt, this has never happened, thanks to the rule that teams must stick together. 

e) Contact Information

Every team will have contact information for hunt facilitators in case of emergency. Facilitators will be not be running the hunt with a team and will be available to work to reunite teams as quickly as possible.